Will you be there by my side? Standing strong as the waves roll over.

Will you be there by my side? Standing strong as the waves roll over.

A lot of people start new things as the new year hits. I, apparently, am a little slower at starting healthier habits. This last week was my kick in the pants start, and its going fabulously already! I also ended up with the most amazing company on this bath to being healthy, and he is kicking butt too. Between a squat challenge (seriously, did I ever USE my legs before?) and yoga (I’m flexible, but if I fall over one more time….) and a lot of free weights and walking, getting physical has been a fresh way to uplift each day. When 5:30am rolls around I am up, water in hand, and ready to move! Luckily the longer I do it, the greater the rewards. At least, that’s what he promises, and I do love his rewards!//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

What will we do when we get old?
Will we walk down the same road?
Will you be there by my side?
Standing strong as the waves roll over

When the nights are long
Longing for you to come home
All around the wind blows
We would only hold on to let go


Pose: an lár @ TLC Feb 7th through 28th

Location: The Keys

Event items @ Uber:

Hair: DeLa
Top: Bueno

Event items @ Chapter Four

Pants w/tie around top: Lazybones

Other items:

Body: Maitreya
Head: Lelutka
Skin: Glam Affair
Water bottle: Freebie on MP


Their telling secrets that should never be revealed

Their telling secrets that should never be revealed

I haven’t had a lot of time in world the last couple of weeks, its a bit difficult with all the snow days we have been having! I finally got to go and wander a few events and above Kerra and I are showing one of my favorite finds. This shirt is adorable and comes in standard sizes, along with the socks they can be found at the Wayward Winter event. The pose is by the ever hard working an lár and can be found at Shiny Shabby.

Pose: an lár @ Shiny Shabby,

Shirt: Luas

Both @ Wayward Winter

The rest on Dina:
Body: Maitreya
Head: Lelutka
Skin: Glam Affair
Hair: Truth
Ears: Mandala

The rest of Kerra to be updated!

I have insecurities, you show me I am beautiful

I have insecurities, you show me I am beautiful

Shuffle on my iPod put this song in my head and I absolutely love it, and the entire album. I think the picture fits well enough. Both make me happy, and I’ve been a lot of that lately. Ridiculously, amazingly, blissfully and completely happy.

I am timid and
I am oversensitive
I am a lioness
I am tired and defensive
You take me in your arms
And I fall into you
I have insecurities
You show me I am beautiful
I am temperamental and
I have imperfections and
I am emotional
I am unpredictable
I am naked
I am vulnerable
I am a woman
I am opening up to you

Love me or leave me
Just take it or leave it
It’s not that I’m needy
Just need you to see me

Now I stand before you with my heart in my hands
I’m asking you to take me just the way that I am
Please lay down your arms, do you know me?
Make me feel safe from harm

Take me, free me, see through to the core of me
Take me, free me, there will be no more pretending

Location: Telrunya

Pose: an lár

On Dina:
Hair: Magika
Body: Maitreya
Wraps: fri.
Dress: PurpleMoon
Head: Lelutka
Skin: Glam Affair
Necklace: Yummy
Ears: Mandala

How can our love go wrong if we start the new year right?

How can our love go wrong if we start the new year right?

I suppose I may be one of those rare people that is almost sad to see the year pass, with all the amazing things that have happened as it approaches its end I sort of wanted it to go on and on forever.  The last few weeks have been so amazing, I hardly have the words for it and my sadness turns to an eagerness to see what 2016 is going to bring. We ended the year together, all dressed up and only a little bar to go to. An absolutely perfect day, in the end. Closing the year filled with love, appreciation, and left in awe…

Check out Billy’s version here!

One minute to midnight
One minute to go
One minute to say good-bye
Before we say hello
Let’s start the new year right
Twelve o’clock tonight
When they dim the light
Let’s begin
Kissing the old year out
Kissing the new year in
Let’s watch the old year die
With a fond good-bye
And our hopes as high
As a kite
How can our love go wrong if
We start the new year right?

Pose: An Lar
Location: Blithe

On Dinalya:
Head: Lelutka
Skin: Glam Affair
Body: Maitreya
Hair: Truth
Dress: Junbug
Ears: Mandala

On Billy:
CATWA HEAD Jackson V4.4
Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1
[Deadwool] The Dandy – formal jacket & trousers
FATEstep – Hogan Wingtips

Cold cozy nights, warm lights and hot chocolate

Cold cozy nights, warm lights and hot chocolate

Location: Blithe
Pose: Threebirds Poses

On Dina:
Pants: coldLogic jeggings – seyfried.black
Ears: Mandala
Shoes: fri. – Cotton.Mary Janes
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Sweater: neve top – easy fairIsle – Lara
TRUTH HAIR Bernadette
Lelutka Head Stella
IKON Ardent Eyes – Skyfall (S)

On Izzie:
Toddleedoo body
Head: Cute Bytes
Dress, shoes and socks: Sweet Tots
Tights: Babypie
Hair: Love Soul
Skin: Cute Bytes

In a sky full of stars I think I saw you

In a sky full of stars I think I saw you

One of my favorite things about SL, and most likely what keeps pulling me back in time and time again, is the amazing amount of creativity and self expression that covers the grid. While looking for just the right location today I stumbled about Frisland, again! I absolutely love when people build and change for the seasons, and this sim does just that.  I know, its a day after Christmas, but who takes their tree down that fast? Looks like they still have a few gifts that haven’t been opened….wonder what gifts are left for the rest of this year! Let’s find out…

Location: Frisland

Pose: an lár

Coat & Top: -Pixicat- Stockholm
Ears: Mandala
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Jeans
REIGN.- Nordic Boots
Lelutka Head Stella
Skin: Glam Affair
IKON Ardent Eyes – Skyfall

Come and trim my Christmas tree With some decorations bought at…TMD?

Come and trim my Christmas tree With some decorations bought at...TMD?

Not everything comes from Tiffany’s, instead my favorite gift this year is wrapped in dark green and bright lights. I found him lurking around the Christmas Tree without a tag on him so I am going to just assume he is for me! No refunds or exchanges from Santa, right?

Check out Billy’s version here!

Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree, for me
I’ve been an awful good girl, Santa baby
So hurry down the chimney tonight

Think of all the fun I’ve missed
Think of all the boys I haven’t kissed
Next year I could be just as good
If you check off my Christmas list

Santa baby, a ’54 convertible, too, light blue
Well I’ll wait up for you, dear, Santa baby
I really do believe in you
Let’s see if you believe in me
I’ve been an angel all year, Santa baby
So hurry down the chimney tonight

Pose: Exposeur

On him: (Oh how the lights twinkle)
body: SLink Physique, hands and feet
head: Catwa – Jackson
Skin appliers : 7Deadly – Judas
hair: Exile – Machinehead
Sock: ieQED – sock gacha at TMD

On her:
Hair : Truth
Body: Maitreya with Glam Affair appliers
Head: Lelutka – Stella
Lingerie: Erratic

Fading in, fading out, On the edge of paradise

Fading in, fading out, On the edge of paradise


I absolutely love birthdays and this month C88 celebrated their fourth year with us in world. Even better, all the soft, girly, lovely pink and dreamy themed items. I might of gone a bit over board, but my land never looked so much like a dream world before! This prissy girl is in pink hog heaven.

Items in picture:  All found at C88, August round

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Daydream Corner – complete Set

ANC: Flottante Puppy, Mist Cloud Plus Nebra Beads

Vagabond – Pearl’s Mobile

Kalopsia – Chandelier

Vagabond – Pearl’s Birdie Cage


Pose by: an lár

On Me:
Dress: ::C’est la vie !:: Muriel Dress(pink)-M **Also found at C88
Shoes: fri. – Izzie.Sandals (Chocolate) – Maitreya
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
Bracelet: MG – Bracelet – Tarentella Gypsy – Small – R
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Bijou
Necklace: [whatever] Love Necklace – White
Eyes: ~*Forty Two*~ Mydri Eyes Cloudburst
Head: Lelutka Head Stella
Skin: Glam Affair appliers for Lelutka Stella Head

The eyes have it.

The eyes have it.




This is been yet another amazing weekend for events and the like. I got to go and get my shopping on over at Shiny Shabby for most of the items featured today. The top and jacket are by Ricielli, the hair (which is from a designer I had never tried before, heading to their main store!) is by Entwined. These adorable shoes are by Rebal Gal and the skirt is by the ever fantastic Azuchi. Even the pose by an lár can be found there.  The skin, however, is from Summerfest and by Laura Hurley, all done through appliers for the Lelutka head and Maitreya body (feet and hands as well). I get stuck into this phase all the time when it comes to skins, so this is the first time I have ever even tried a Laura Hurley skin and I must say, its stunning! Last, but certainly not least, Forty Two released these amazing eyes and I am completely certain I won’t be changing them any time soon! Why are you still reading? Don’t you have some shopping to do!


The eyes have it.



* Shiny Shabby

** Summerfest 2015

Location: Derailed

1st image Pose by: an lár

~*Forty Two*~ Mydri Eyes Cloudburst
Maitreya Mesh Body
Skin appliers: Laura Hurley **
Rebel Gal::Janis Patent Platf.Maitreya/Black *
Ricielli – Roya Drapped Undershirt (M) /White *
Ricielli – Roya Leather Jacket (M) /Raven w/ Gold *
[Azuchi] Belt -Portia- Layer 2 *
[Azuchi] Skirt -Portia- Layer 1 Black *
[Entwined] Alessa *
Lelutka Head Stella

I’d far rather be happy than right any day.

I'd far rather be happy than right any day.

This is one thing that makes me happy! This romper is available now over at Forty Two, you will just love the name. It comes with so many patterns that she just decided to put them all on a hud and sell them all together. Forty Two decided to open a little bit early, so stop by pick this up and be sure to grab the free gift eyes as well!!


Teleport over to Forty Two now!

Style Card:

Romper: Forty Two

Mesh body and hands: Maitreya

Mesh Head (both): Lelutka

Skins: Glam Affair

Hair: omgosh, where is Kerra so I can find out what hair she was wearing…seriously….next time we just go bald.