You see her when you close your eyes, maybe one day you’ll understand why…

You see her when you close your eyes, maybe one day you'll understand why...

Its been such a long time since I have even thought about getting in here and blogging however with the Fit for a Princess event, I simply could not resist being this dressed up for a day. I saw on plurk that there was this lovely sim called Frisland so I stopped by in this gorgeous gown and snuck in just a bit of time to blog.

I wanted to take the opportunity to just get a few things off of my chest, too. So, Dina rambles! Oh I haven’t done this in a while, run while you still can. I need to mainly say thank you to my friends and family for all of their love and support while I have gone through this process of buying a new home again. Its been absolutely insane, I know, but I am so very thankful for your patience and love while I went through every single emotion possible. Don’t worry, I won’t be insane forever! The final move is coming and the house is almost perfect. Almost!

I also am finding renewed hope and friendships again through the plurk community. There are times when its best for me to still shut it down and simply forget it exists for a while, but ultimately I am enjoying what little time I get on it and am once again thankful for the distraction it can be, when needed. There are truly some fabulous people there, and I look forward to getting to know them even more! Even if some of them are intimidating. Or was that overwhelmingly confident and larger than life. Or, was it that they were threatening to beat me with another plurker….I dunno, good times either way. Mostly. I mean, yes, of course… *side steps away from plurk*

While most might have a clue what I mean by the next bit, its going to be said. I am finally relaxed again. Finally fully confident in being me and just letting lose and enjoying my SL and family, friends, strangers? Yes, those too. Its all become my escape, as it should of been from the start. The understanding when I don’t log in because of RL, and the welcome I get when I do get on…its made me happier than I thought it ever would again.

I could go on and on and on but….

Still so busy, so so busy. Be kind people! Oh, and go be a princess today!!

Image taken at Frisland

Pose: an lár [poses] – Fit for a Princess event.

Style Card:

Slink Basic Hands
-Glam Affair – Romy skin – Base ( Europa )
-Glam Affair – Romy – Eyes makeup – Dark line 02
-Glam Affair – Romy Brow ( Europa ) 03 G
Truth Hairbase – Gingers02
::BB:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty Black)
Maxi Gossamer- Necklace – London Time
Junbug – Principessa in Mint – M
Schadenfreude Fey Ear
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
TRUTH HAIR Candy – Gingers02
IKON Ardent Eyes – Skyfall (S)

Here comes the rush before we touch, come a little closer

Here comes the rush before we touch, come a little closer

Here comes the heat before we meet
Here comes the spark before the dark
The lights are off and the sun is finally setting
The night sky is changing overhead
Here comes the rush before we touch
Come a little closer

Yep, its that time again. Time to go get your Fameshed on. Top, skirt, ring, shoes (with stockings) can all be found within the Feburary offerings, so go by and take a look. Clutch by Maitreya and hair by Truth, skin is the fabulous Maci by Izzies. Like the location? Cheeky Tiramisu is beautiful! Take a ride here.

Style Card:
Pose: Sari-Sari {poses & deco}
Location: Cheeky Tiramisu
:V.e. Garbo Blouse M Innocence
:V.e. Garbo Pencil Skirt M Plum
Maitreya Calgary Clutch * Blumine
MG – Ring – Karina Court
Schadenfreude Fey Ear
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
WWI Lashes
[Gos] Carrie Pumps – Patent -
Izzie’s – Maci Skin pale BLB
IKON Ardent Eyes – Skyfall (S)

Show me how to fight for now

Show me how to fight for now

A couple of events just started and I couldn’t resist a wee bit of shopping. Be sure to stop by The Attic for this stunning hair by Mina and beautiful dress by DCNY. I also took a stop over at Eudora, they are participating in the new 21 shoe event. It features designers that are giving you 2 for the price of 1, and it starts on the 21st of every month. Here is just one of the designs from Eudora for these boots. While you are there, take a look at the huge variety of boots and shoe patterns. I am also wearing Maci, a new skin by Izzie that is out now at TLC’s The Boutique. Its absolutely lovely, as always.

Show me how to fight for now

I haven’t really rambled much lately, and though the break must of been nice, Dina Rambles today! I got to catch up with some old friends today and am so extremely happy for the progress people are making. Its nice to see people finding their way to being happy and I am excited to hear how things go from here. On my RL front, I am anxiously wanting this month to be over, and February can be over too, please.  I am being as patient as possible while we await to hear if our offer on our dream home has been accepted, or at the very least how the negotiations are progressing. My nerves are afire and I am not sleeping much, but I am excited and happier than have been in forever! Even if this house falls through, we have 2nd and 3rd choices, so by this summer….boxes! Does anyone have any boxes laying around that I could have?

Yesterday is history
Tomorrow’s a mystery
I can see you lookin’ back at me
Keep your eyes on me

Gawk! Patchy Cotton Leggings A
DCNY_Velveteen Dress Alpha (Add)
Slink Basic Hands
DCNY_Velveteen Dress_Chocolate M
Eudora Rockstar Boots
MINA Hair – Nikky
Schadenfreude Fey Ear
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
WWI Lashes
Izzie’s – Maci Skin pale BLB
IKON Ardent Eyes – Skyfall (S)

I’m just doing what we’re told


After clicking our way into C88, even before the middle of the month, we decided to see what kind of trouble we could get into this evening. I may have to drag her kicking and screaming….

And I feel something so wrong
By doing the right thing
I couldn’t lie, couldn’t lie, couldn’t lie
Everything that drowns me makes me wanna fly

Whats going on here?

Pose: {.:exposeur:.}

On Dina:

>TRUTH< Nyx – raven
Baiastice_Yara dress-teal-size M
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
WWI Lashes
[Gos] Mae Platform – Naturelle Collection – M
-Belleza- Ria Med 2 Dk
IKON Ardent Eyes – Skyfall (S)

On Kerra:

Glam Affair – Cleavage – Jamaica
Izzie’s – Faith Freckles natural (body + face)
Belgravia – Paradise Sandals – Nero
Exile::Falling For You Dark Blondes
ISON – charlotte dress -S- (purple)
Izzie’s – Eyelashes v1.08
Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Medium M
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant1 M
-Glam Affair – Lulu ( Jamaica ) 02 C
[Crash Republic] Gem Eyes – indigo

We’ll be raising our hands, shining up to the sky

We'll be raising our hands, shining up to the sky

We don’t wanna leave, no. We just wanna be right now (right), r-r-right now
And what we see is everybody’s on the floor acting crazy, getting loco ’til the lights out
Music’s on, I’m waking up, we fight the fire, then we burn it up
And it’s over now, we got the love, there’s no sleeping now, no sleeping now, no sleeping

Whats going on here?


Mag<3.B. find her marketplace here
Body suit L Beije
Hand warmer w resizer beije
legwarmer ML Beije
Mushroom crown

And all the rest:

Schadenfreude Fey Ear
Slink Mesh Feet (Av) Flat M
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual M
WWI Lashes
-Glam Affair – Kaelyn skin – America 01 D
IKON Ardent Eyes – Skyfall (S)
/Wasabi Pills/ Orion FEM Mesh Hair – Gingerbread

A year in review? Or, just ramblage too!

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing and expecting different results. I started 2013 the same way that I lived 2012, with pure insanity. I wanted change, I wanted to find the person I was instead of remaining the absolutely crazy person I had become. I wanted to improve myself, yet I was standing still, stomping my feet, demanding the world revolve around me and become what *I* felt it should be. Yep, absolute insanity. I made it to February that way. Temper tantrums and all, I maintained my stubborn bitchdom and even watched as others fell to the wayside of my path of destruction. Then, I took a look at the behavior and surroundings that were causing my insanity and, well, removed it. I figured it was like a drug. Quit it, cold turkey. Stay away from it and keep it out of my system and I could get away from being the crack addict and get back to being me. Was it that easy?


A year in review? Or, just ramblage too!

The first quarter of the year I started wiping the slate clean. Well, perhaps not clean, but I was scrubbing away at my life. Abrasive side and all, baring who I was, dissecting it, and ripping it to shreds. Then, taking the time to find the good pieces that, somehow, held strong, and put them back together again. I destroyed myself through accusations, assumptions, and cleansed myself from all of it to find a place that was finally devoid of all…insanity.

Not to be misunderstood, the insanity was of my own making. My hand turned that wheel. My behavior caused those issues. My silence often made it worse while my big mouth sent it spiraling out of control, too. Was I always wrong? Oh no, make no mistake, I had my place in it all, but I wasn’t *always* wrong. However, at this point, I’ve let go of who, what, where, when or why. Its amazing how light it feels to let. that. go. Building that bridge and getting over it took a while, but its behind me and I am a better person for having been through it all.

A year in review? Or, just ramblage too!

Now? I find myself starting in a completely different place, having spent the year 2013 in a world I had long forgotten existed within Second Life. A world where I could love and be loved without condition or demands. Mine, or theirs. Where I could see people from my past, and be happy for them as they move on to the things they want so much in this world, and their real ones. Where I could grow as a person, find that it is ok to love people without claiming ownership and let them simply be who they are, and they won’t leave me because I let go of that control. Totally. New. Concept.

A year in review? Or, just ramblage too!

This year? I want to be the compassionate, empathetic and caring person I have always striven to be. As much as I would like to re-write the past, I know I cannot, and I know I owe some people deep heart felt apologies (the who might surprise even me, and the people not on the list might as well) about the way my insanity had a part in making their 2012 as chaotic as mine was. Yet, at the end of the day, I want 2014 to continue to grow and progress the way 2013 did.  I am at a place that gives me stability (which I craved with the deepest part of me for so long) and security. I am happy to still be here. Thrilled to take the time proving the world wrong. Excited to see where it all ends up. Finally….glad to see everyone becoming exactly who they really are, finding what they desire and ending this year, simply…happy.

No, there are no credits. These are simply pictures I took of my winter sim. I enjoyed creating it and sharing it with my family, and its already gone. For anyone that got through all of my ramblage, thank you! You are a saint…and I cannot wait to see where your year leads you, too!

I really am a terrible blogger

I really am a terrile blogger
I really am, no, honestly, a terrible blogger. I mean, I blog, that’s the easy part, but I always forget to blog what I am supposed to blog, when I am supposed to blog it.  I’ve always just blogged what I purchased, just the random things I find in my inventory, or find at the events, and whenever the mood hits. I’ve been meaning to step that up (honest!) yet with all of my most sincere intentions, I fall short. For shame! However, a while back, I had this crazy idea to apply to be a blogger for a group and for some reason (I think they had pity on me!) they accepted my application. Now, I haven’t applied anywhere else, but I have a couple of friends that send me items and are much more patient in my blogging style (or lack there off?) and I adore them for it! This group, on the other hand, I have no clue why they have let me stay as long as I have. So I have to say….I am so sorry! *hangs her head in shame* I know I didn’t blog all the things and I was probably slower than a snail in posting, but I do want to also say Thank You! First, thank you for letting me post for you in the first place. You are a fabulous group of designers and I still look forward to all your releases! Second, I am prepared! *winces and holds her hands over her bum* I am prepared for the boot! Just…not those pointy toed ones, please?

Even though I am sure my time blogging for them is short lived, I felt the last couple of things they sent out still needed some screen time as they are fantastic! Mango Cheeks is involved in The Twelve Days of Legion and one of their adorable items can be seen hanging from my windows. I absolutely love gingerbread men, even attempted to make them this year, and these window treatments honestly helped round out my room. Well, I suppose they aren’t exactly for windows, but when it works, it works! Mango Cheeks also made the beautiful Two Turtle Doves seen on the walls, I think these may end up out year round, I love them!

As for the lazy elf in the window, well, I did what I always do. I started an outfit with something new and went from there. This time I started with one of the Buffy Skirts by Miseria. I dug through my sweaters because, c’mon, its winter, and found this one by ColdLogic. Finished off with a pair of tights by Gawk! and boots gotten from The Arcade by Sleepy Eddy, and I was ready to finish decorating my house! Well. I am ready. I should finish that. Oh dear, more of my laziness to deal with!

Lets see, if you make a resolution before the end of the year, does it count as a new years resolution? I will work harder on this blogging thing! Honest! Its my Christmas wish! Wishing you all a very lovely Christmas Eve, and I hope that all of you who still hold some fancy and believe just a wee little bit, that Santa brings you amazing things tomorrow too!

Style Card:

Skirt: Miseria
Sweater: ColdLogic
Tights: Gawk!
Shoes: Sleepy Eddy
Skin: Glam Affair
Hands: SLink
Hair: Wasabi

Everyone loves a snow day.

Snow Day
Most mornings I would growl if the phone rang at ten till 6 in the morning, however today I was unusually pleased to hear that annoying ring. Yes, my phone has the most obnoxious ring, what phone doesn’t when its ringing before the sun comes up?  I didn’t even bother saying hello, the schools recording started playing, letting us know that it would be an extra day off of school. After happily pulling the covers over my head, I got a couple more hours of sleep. The kids got up before I did, all but my youngest who had long before crawled under my covers to steal my heat!

Grand Illusion for Winter
Most weekends are filled with chores here, so my day was perfectly free. Between baking banana bread and muffins, brownies and cookies, and putting a few more decorations up on my RL home, I was able to redo quite a bit on my sim. Because of the recent opening of The Arcade, C88 and now, The Liaison Collaborative’s Garden and Poser event, I have so many items to fill my home and sim with that I literally spent too much time shopping and decorating. My inventory is a mess, again, but blissfully so! The Gachas at the Garden and Poser event are fabulous, so if you have a Gacha addiction, I am sure you have it on your list of places to go. The pose in the first image here is by La Tee Da and, as soon as I can drag some poor helpless soul over, I will be showing some of her couple poses later this week.

Snow Day

I also stopped over at HPMD and fell in love with this log. With a handful of poses, Santa and his Reindeer, and covered with snow, it was a perfect addiction to the skating rink. Last, but not least, I went out and bought the newest skin by Glam Affair. As you can see below, there is a reason I don’t do close ups! I simply couldn’t do this beautiful skin justice so be sure to go by and get he demo’s. You will not be disappointed!
Too close
I hope that everyone is having a wonderful season thus far and that the winter blues are staying far far away! I know that, often times, so many struggle through the holidays, with family far apart or not with us anymore. I hope that you are finding that extra bit to fill your heart from within your Second Life, and all around you. Hopefully I will be back before the next Snow Day!

Style Card:

Log by: HPMD
Pose in picture 1 by: La Tee Da (Rylan Carling)

** [ RIDDLE ] ** Cozy Tights -
(fd) Cozy Scarf – Mauve
*katat0nik* (blush/average) Cozy Boots
*katat0nik* (blush/average) Cozy Knit Jumper Dress
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
WWI Lashes
-Glam Affair – Kaelyn skin – America
IKON Ardent Eyes – Skyfall (S)

What I ‘Gacha’ for Christmas

What I 'Gacha' for Christmas

I absolutely adore this time of the year, honestly, every single minute. Around my house it all starts at Halloween. A weekend of costumes (our town always moves the trick or treating to the weekends) proceeded by my birthday, all in a build up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. In the middle of that is my husbands birthday, and like many Christmas babies, we work pretty hard to ensure his day is celebrated as independently as possible. Not always an easy task, but this year we plan to not hit the road for the in laws (EEEEEEEEP) the day after so, the celebration will go on! The last couple weeks have been filled with Holiday music in our house as our older children prepare for concerts at school and I finally go the urge to get in world and head to The Arcade.

What I 'Gacha' for Christmas

Oh sweet Gacha machines, they were rather kind to me this time around. I was pretty sad to miss the last round but I was bound and determined not to miss out on all of the Holiday loveliness! I may of spent a wee bit more than I planned to, ok who doesn’t, and I may still need the Trompe key #3, but I managed to escape with a fantastic handful of rares that I wanted and a few surprises as well. Everything you see here, yes, everything, can be found at The Arcade. Though, thats acting as if you all haven’t been there already….enjoy!


Items included are from Exile, Sways, Zigana, Trompe Loeil, Alloette, Belleza, Yummy, O.M.E.N., MishMish and The Secret Store

Oh really, just go to The Arcade already!

Look into my eyes, its where my demons hide

Look into my eyes, its where my demons hide

I’ve never really been good at carving pumpkins. They tend to look a little bit messy and the gooey mess just adds to the fun.  This year is attempt 30something at getting a great pumpkin carved and out for the holiday! Maybe I will just leave it to the kids lol. It’s a lot easier in SL where new mesh pumpkins have been released upon the grid, along with so many other fall and Halloween items. I love the holiday corner that is October, November and December, and this is the favorite for with the kids. No stressful in law visits or trips, no major cooking, just costumes candy and fun!
Look into my eyes, its where my demons hide
This is a fabulous comfortable look for just wandering around hunts and raking leaves in, I absolutely adore this top by U.F.O.! I found a great set of poses and pumpkins by Magnifique and wandered over to the Neva sim to snap a picture or two.  I am really looking forward to browsing more of the feeds to see what festive fun everyone is having this Halloween and maybe, just maybe, I will carve out a great pumpkin this year!

On a side note, whats up with my post titles? *gives a little shrug*  Who can really say, just take them as they come and let them mean to you what they will. I am enjoying coming up with them though and hope people *get* it in their own ways.

Trick or treat peoples <3

Pose and pumpkin prop: Magnifique
Izzie’s – Katya Eyeshadow smokey
(fd) Hand Drawn Skinny Jeans – Denim MEDIUM
::Una Ladies Sneakers
::{u.f.o}::inverted triangle crop T – pumkin
>TRUTH< Sara – night
Schadenfreude Fey Ear )
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
WWI Lashes
Izzie’s – Katya Skin pale RB
IKON Ardent Eyes – Skyfall (S)