About Dinalya

I first began my Second Life back in February 2004. Fell out of the sky, and was extremely proud of the outfit I created with the basic SL sliders and textures you can still find in the library today! I wandered around a bit, no TPing allowed, took a boat to where the ‘people’ were and found myself in the middle of a very small grid. SL didn’t stick with me right away, but it has a way of growing on you and becoming one of those important places in your life and heart.

Since then I have chosen a new name, started over once from being an Estate Manager to working for one of the top Estates within SL (Dream Seeker Estates). Through it all, I have always loved the beauty of the residents that create content here. I am no fashionista, or slebrity (been here longer than most of you though, which makes me an old if nothing else ha!) nor am I some amazing photographer or photo editor.

So what am I? I am simply a girl, wandering the grid, loving her friends and living within my own Grand Illusion.
Last day of vacation

Grand Illusion, to me, is a great many things. A place to share my adventures within the grandest illusion I know, Second Life. Exploration, friends and loved ones and best of all, fashion and the addiction that is, shopping! I often spend most of my time in SL working these days, but I still find time for the fashion, for decorating and landscaping and the pure obsessive nature of it all.

You can find, and contact me:

In world: Dinalya Dawes

email: dinalyadawes@hotmail.com

Plurk: http://www.plurk.com/Dinalya

flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dinalyadawes/

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