Lets get out!

More movie time!

Hmm, I think it may be some sort of addiction, I seem to talk about movies a lot. Maybe its the curse of living in a small town where there isn’t much more to do. Either way, For years I had neglected to even go out on dates and get out, now, I can’t seem to get enough time offline! Not to mention how many movies and TV shows and general visual entertainment I missed out on because I was always, well, here. Oh, but wait, movies aren’t just for offline. We have a fantastic movie theater (built by the ever so lovely Anjel, I don’t know how she comes up with so many awesome areas, but you have to come check out her builds!) as well as the drive in theater that you saw in a previous post. It appears movie nights were going to be Wednesdays, but I think that’s still up for discussion. Wonder what we will watch first!

This is a bit of a different look for me. Everyone calls me prissy, yes, prissy (blah) so I thought I would loosen up a bit and be more relaxed for a while. Apparently Kismet and I are switching looks, because she has decided to go all prissy today! I was out wandering a bit at the Vintage Fair and found this great top by SAKIDE.  Of course, it was found while looking for a completely different look all together, I don’t think I am cut out for this daily blogging yet, but its getting there! It looks so comfy and perfect for a casual day out to the movies. Paired up with the Mon Tissu shorts and slink feet/thongs…yes, I finally got a decent enough match! Love them right now! Its off to the movies we gooooo!

More movie time!

Dina’s rambling! Oh boy oh boy, who is excited? Who groaned….its my blog people! I’m in such a fantastic mood today. Why? Oh thank you for asking! What do you mean you didn’t ask…lets pretend you did, mkay! My new pc got ordered today! Happy happy joy joy! This pc is so old and cruddy, there are carvings from the Egyptians (from Best Buy, they were there, honest) on the PC case, its OLD! I cannot wait to see what I can do in sl with my new pc. Hear that? ME, a new pc, insert squeal here (that I won’t do, because that’s a noise no one should hear).  Its a good day! Just got my cell switched over to a new plan, incoming text messages people, rawr! Hubby got his session books ordered, massive relief. New appliances to be bought, all new school supplies and clothing for the year are going to be gotten this weekend, and plenty of evenings out. Did I mention, new pc? *dances in her seat*

I love good days….

Style Card:


Shorts: Mon Tissu

Skin: Izzie’s

Hair: Illusory

Feet/Shoes: Slink

2 thoughts on “Lets get out!

  1. Ever so lovely? What have you been drinking girl? But like I said before, I love the pictures.. all the pictures you do are just gorgeous, and yeah.. this half slutty look does look good on you, although you would have to show your ID if you want to get to an adult movie now, but oh wait.. what we are going to watch is not really an Adult is it? Or are we going to watch the xxx rated.. *wonders off in thoughts, curious to know if “that” does sparkle like a diamond in the sunlight as well…. *

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