Oh no, she is rambling again


The pictures above and below here are some of my favorite so far this month. Oh wait, this is my first blog post this month, well who cares they are still my favorite! Look. At. Them. Oh sweet primmy sky home but I couldn’t help but fall in love with it when I got the release notice from Leezu! I love absolutely everything about it. Everything seen here is from Leezu! except for the Dutchie bed. New home location is a-go!



What better way is there to break in a new home than with a pretty picture of the new release by Celoe? To be perfectly honest, I have no clue how long the dress has been out but I fell in love with it as I walked past to go get the new shoes. Oh. Shoes! If I could of I would of gotten every color, but I am so happy in these shoes that I have yet to take them off. The dress also meets every one of my prissy, girly, flowy summer dress mood right now.


Now here is something I haven’t done in ages. I’m taking myself back to where I used to be, at the end of every blog entry I would ramble a little bit about, well, me. Its my blog. I purchase almost everything I blog. Why shouldn’t I? Don’t like a bit of RL mixed with your SL? Stop reading now!!

Things are going decently well! Tons of room for improvement, which I am working on daily, to get on track to where I need to be, but well all the same. The kids are all off for summer and the older ones are going to Virginia for a couple of weeks, starting this weekend. I am going to miss them like crazy but they will have so much fun with my in laws!

On the SL/online front. Well, I’m getting there! I know what it is I want, finally, and I know that I cannot keep expecting others to make sure it happens. It either will be, or won’t, and I have finally accepted it for what it is. Working nonstop, trying to finish up the sim finally, and enjoying some raiding in Everquest 2 as I have been the last 3 years. I’m letting go of some guilt that has been eating at me for weeks and just going to refocus on being the best person I can be. Those that love me, and have been there through my struggles I adore you for it! I’m pushing past my issues and doing the best I can do and hope its good enough.

I hope everyone is having a great week! Hopefully I will stop being a lazy SLer and blog more often, I do miss the rambling! You pour souls….

Style Card:
Dress & Shoes: Celoe @Mayfair
Skin: Izzie’s
Hair: Truth
House & Furniture: Leezu!
Bed: Dutchie

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