FFL – Angelwing


It’s been such a long time since I planned out a longer blog entry. I used to be able to do this a lot faster, I swear. Last night I went and wandered around the FFL (additionally sponsored by the estate I work for, Dream Seeker Estates, small plug over) and really didn’t want to fill my inventory with a million things this time. I have a bad habit of that, buy tons of things and let them sit in my inventory collecting dust and upping my inventory count. I was given a note with some points of interest and the one that caught my eye the most was, as you can see, Angelwing.


The three dresses seen here had me completely infatuated and simply had to join the countless items in my inventory. I couldn’t pick one, and as a donation I didn’t even try, I bought them all. Then came the decision of which to take a picture in, again, why do I always thrust myself into these horrible choices? Forget it, lets take pictures in them all. Oh wait…but where?


I went searching on the destination guide through the second life site and was really excited to see all the amazing places to take pictures. I think I will use this list a bit more often, and the Humanoid sim was absolutely perfect for the pictures I wanted to take. I hit a few doors, took a few shots, but honestly could of stayed there forever.


Dina’s Duds:
Dress: Angelwing
Hair: Wasabi
Location: Humanoid
Skin: LAQ

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